About Us

Brandon Sigler-left       Pat Sigler-right
Sigler’s Craft Beer and Cigars, features taps of local and regional beer that can be ordered in to-go growlers and dozens of beers in the custom coolers that line the wall of the shop.

Pat Sigler and his son Brandon built, own and operate the shop, and it’s a dream come true, they both said.

“I always traveled around and would go to places and drink this fantastic beer,” Pat Sigler said. “Chattanooga didn’t really have this yet, and I always, always thought I’d want to open up a craft beer store in Chattanooga soon.”

Brandon Sigler also traveled a lot, but when he got married recently he told his father he wanted to settle down. And to Pat Sigler, with Chattanooga on the up and up, it was the perfect time to open their dream store.

The store features a glistening reflective concrete floor with modern and rustic metal and wood shelving units. The counter was made by Brandon Sigler and features bottle caps of beers of all kinds. Though there are plans to one day be able to serve customers on-site, the store currently only allows off-premise consumption of its goods.

“We designed and built this ourselves,” Pat Sigler said. “But we also built it for the future. When the wine bill passes, we’ll be able to sell high-gravity beer and expand.”

For now, customers can take a growler of one of the many beers on tap, pick six individual beers from the cooler of craft beers or even buy a cigar.

“We want to show love for the local breweries, so when we can, we’re going to keep them on tap and have them here in the store,” Brandon Sigler said. “We also want to build a pretty big German selection, for the people at Volkswagen.”

-from http://community.timesfreepress.com/news/2014/feb/12/siglers-opens-east-brainerds-craft-beer-store/